Site Assessment

Case Study #1

Project: Cadmium Over-Exposure Response

Location: Orange County, California

Client: Confidential Company

Site Assessment

A photograph of the shop foreman demonstrating the position of an employee working on the steam turbine repairs. The photograph depicts the position of the local exhaust ventilation, the worker and a fan that was blowing air across the work area.

CSC was requested to assist the corporation in assessing the extent of the contamination, assess the ventilation system that was used for the project, and assist in all communications in regards to a cadmium overexposure event with employees and union.

A personal air sample collected during a steam turbine repair project revealed that the monitored worker was exposed to cadmium in concentrations approximately 15 times higher than the OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit (5ug/m3).

    A complicating factor in the project was the mistrust that had developed between employees, management and health and safety at this facility. Enlisting the help of a third party consultant was an excellent way of bypassing this mistrust and resolving the situation.

    Clark Seif Clark assisted the client as follows:

  • CSC collected surface samples in the shop and inside lockers assigned to employees that worked on the project to determine if the shop was contaminated and required clean-up.
  • CSC collected surface samples from automobiles and homes of employees who worked on the project to determine if take-home contamination was an issue.
  • CSC assessed the ventilation system to determine if it met the requirement of the applicable standards and regulations.
  • CSC assisted with all communications with management, employees and union.

Result:The employees expressed comfort and trust in CSCs conclusions. The shop was satisfactorily cleaned up. No take-home contamination was detected. The ventilation system was found to be unsatisfactory and required adjustments.