Workplace Health and Safety

Hearing Conservation

As far back as the industrial revolution, issues related to occupational exposure to noise and how to protect workers have presented challenges to individuals and organizations. Today, costs attributed to workers compensation claims related to hearing loss are astronomical.

At Clark Seif Clark (CSC), we understand your companys need to protect the health and well being of your workers and eliminating unforeseen costs and loss of productivity associated with noise induced hearing loss.

Noise attributed hearing loss is one of the most prevalent job related illnesses in the United States. Studies have shown that in at-risk industries such as construction and plumbing, 44% of carpenters and 48% of plumbers reported diminished hearing capabilities. Also, 49% of miners will have some hearing loss by the age of 50 (compared to 9% of the general population). This figure goes as high as 70% by the age of 60.

Studies have shown that noise induced hearing loss is preventable, but can become permanent once acquired. Therefore preventive measures and a pro-active approach are very important in protecting workers.

Clark Seif Clark will help your company implement programs aimed at preventing hearing loss and comply with OSHA requirements. Various strategies are available. For example:

  • Determining work areas where wearing hearing protection is required
  • Providing engineering controls to reduce noise, such as mufflers on machinery or sound-absorbing wall and ceiling panels.

Having a well-developed program in place, based on good noise surveys, can go far in helping your company to prevent work-related hearing loss and to defend itself in case of litigation.

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