Site Assessment

Case Study #3

Project: Industrial Hygiene Assessment

Location: Lancaster, California

Client: Confidential Electronics Assembly


Lead alloy used during soldering operation.

CSC was requested to perform an industrial hygiene assessment in a department of an electronics manufacturing plant. Employees at the plant reported health complaints that they perceived to be occupationally-related. In addition, an exposure assessment was requested by the insurance provider of the corporation.

    CSC approached this industrial hygiene assessment as follows:

  • CSC interviewed the foreman over the department to be assessed in order to understand the assembly process, etc.
  • CSC reviewed the material safety data sheets relevant to the process used during the assembly process.
  • CSC developed a sampling protocol.
  • CSC conducted a visual survey of the work area, which included observing the workers, the assembly process, the controls and the building.
  • CSC collected personal exposure samples and ambient air samples
  • CSC provided the client with a report summarizing the potential hazards assessed, our findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Result:CSC did not find exposures to any of the suspect hazardous substances above the recommended or regulatory exposure limits. However, we noted that worker behavior such as not washing hands during breaks prior to eating likely caused unnecessary biological exposure to hazardous substances at the workplace. CSC recommended addressing the issue during safety meetings and monitoring worker behavior more closely to safeguard employee health.